Avocado Trees - fertilizer?

dailysoAugust 19, 2013


I planted avocado trees (the varieties Oro Negro and Haas) a year ago in Sarasota, Florida, and people told me not to fertilize them for roughly the first 6 months. They've been doing fine, but I think I should add some fertilizer now. I own a bag of fertilizer that has 3% nitrogen, 2% phosphate and 7% soluble potash - is this good for avocado trees, or is it better to get something else?

Are there any tips on applying fertilizer to avocado trees - such as watering over the fertilizer, or not watering; or raking it into the peat moss?


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D....great question. I have been growing avos for 35 years....and have 17 varieties. Here is my help: your fertilizer is fine. You can use it. However, depending on your soil....avos have specific needs that can be found in their fertilizer (specific). What I use for my small transplants (2-6 ft) is simply MiracleGro liquid (in the yellow bottle). It has perked up my small trees like you can not believe! Liquid fertilizer gives quick results! Read the dilution ratios... and you will thank me.

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Thanks Fireduck. How many times a year should I fertilize?

Do the times of year I fertilizer matter, and if yes, what are the best times of year?


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