Raspberry Question

thirsty_dirt_77(3a)August 7, 2013

Last year we were unable to harvest many raspberries because the entire patch was vibrating with hornets and wasps. (I almost got stung once and after that I stopped trying to pick them!)

This year there are still bug issues but no hornets or wasps.

As the patch is vibrating with grasshoppers this year, I'm pointing the finger mainly at them along I realize there are other pests at work. I have seen a few lygus bugs around and they are supposed to be bad this year too so it might be them as well.

Anyway, this is my question. Most of the damaged fruit look like something has be nibbling or sucking the juice out of a few sections of each berry. Would you consider it safe to still harvest these berries?

There are many "perfect" berries still that I plan on freezing whole, I would only use the damaged berries for preserves or jams so they would be cooked.

Any thoughts?

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By all means harvest the fruit. Lack of pollination will cause the 'missing' parts. Not much you can do to correct that, apart from encouraging pollinators.

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beeman I know what you are referring to and I don't let that stop me from picking.... this on the other hand makes me hestiant...

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Thirsty. What is that

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edweather(Zone 5a/b Central NY)

Something ate it. Not sure exactly what but similar damage from slugs to berries around here, and the slimy trail residue is usually visible to identify them. I don't see any health issues with eating them if cooked in jam or something. I confess to occasionally eating the other half of a raw strawberry that a slug has already tasted, but don't recommend it.

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