spots on peaches/ brown fruit moths

PaulnygrenAugust 12, 2013

Hi, i am having a lot of spots appearing on my peaches (July Elberta), for two years now. I am new to this. Any advise offered would be greatly appreciated. I am interested in learning about organic and non organic sprays, when to spray, etc. I want to save my tree and harvest fruit off of it every year without this problem happening. Also what pesticides should I use to kill the fruit moths? I seen hundreds of them on the fruit last night. Thank you

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Your peaches look like mine! Was just getting ready to post something similar to your post; I am looking for as organic as possible methods for getting rid of oriental fruit moth; they've ruined our peaches 2 years in a row. Need to learn what to do to control this pest. I'm in coastal Virginia.

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Same on my Elberta. Seems to be a bacterial spot as outlined here:

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It could be peach scab. Bacterial spot affects leaves making holes on leaves. It's called shot hole. The leaves on your trees look very good.

For me, I treat peach scab with wettable sulfur spray when peaches are about a thumb size. It's very effective on my early peaches and quite good (not 100% scab free) on my late peaches.

For stronger chemicals, some use chlorothalonil spray such as Bravo, Echo, Daconil at shuck split. Others use Captan after shuck split. Captan helps with brown rot, too.

If it's bacterial spot, you need to treat the tree during a dormant season with copper spray. It will also help with peach leave curl, another big issue of peach.

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Scott F Smith(6B/7A MD)

That is peach scab - larger more uniform spots is scab, bacterial spot is smaller spots and less uniform in shape and size. Mamuang has a good treatment plan.


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Thanks everyone for your replies...mamuang Where can i buy the sprays you mentioned? How many times during the growing season should I spray the fruit?

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Scott F Smith(6B/7A MD)

Paul, if you are in north Baltimore go to Valley View Farms, they have all of these. I would get some of their Bonide liquid sulphur and spray a couple times at nickel to dime sized peaches, then you will get no scab next year. They should also have pesticides for the moths as well, e.g. triazicide. If you are getting brown rot get some Monterey Fungi Fighter from them and spray when you first see any spores plus once in mid-July.


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