June bearing or Ever bearing

poolecw(Georgia 7b)August 19, 2013

I'm preparing a spot to plant strawberries this fall and am trying to determine which variety to go with. I'm new to planting and growing strawberries so please excuse me if I sound ignorant. My understanding is that June bearing varieties can be harvested during a couple week window over mid summer, while ever bearing varieties will produce fruit all summer and into fall.

Question is this, why would you want to plant June bearing plants that have a short harvest time when you can use an ever bearing variety that will give you a much great yield over the season? Do the June bearing varieties taste better or have other superior qualities?

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drew51 SE MI Z5b/6a

June bearing produce a large number of berries, whereas only a few everbearing do. I plant both, but once the Junes are done, it's scare. If you're going to process the berries it's nice to have a large quanity. If you like having only a few berries everyday plant everbearing. Depends how many plants you have. Many feel June bearing are also better eating, but I have Elan F1 everbearing and the first berries were very tart, the rest are fantastic, and it is quite the producer for an everbearer. Problem is I only have one plant, and it only threw one runner. Everbearing tend to lose production faster too, after a few years they are done. June bearers could last 5 years. It all depends on cultivar. Some everbearing are only good for 1 year.

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June only. I had both and pulled out the everbearing. Although if you have kids everbearing might be fun for them to grab a snack here and there

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I started out planting both and pulled the everbearers.

For one thing, there are really two seasons, spring and fall, not so much continual bearing. And the fall crop is typically inferior. It also falls, here, right in the sap beetle season.

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I have both kinds (Ogallala, Ozark, Sparkle, Honoeye). They both bear in June. I don't see enough berries to say so the rest of the summer or fall, but our freezer is full of them. Northwoodswis

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