first superior plum

windfall_rob(vt4)August 25, 2013

I just ate my first ripe superior was fantastic, I think I will go have another.

A bright note in the day, so far the SWD seem to be leaving them and the sommerset grapes alone. Swenson red is just coloring hopefully it will have an adequately thick skin as well.

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fruitnut Z7 4500ft SW TX

The skin on Superior is so bad even the SWD don't like it!!!!

Glad you like the fruit. And I hope to hear about more things the SWD don't attack. This thing has me flinching before it arrives.

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franktank232(z5 WI)

One problem I'm seeing with Superior, and i don't remember this in the past, is that its falling to the ground when they are ripe. Very sweet this year because we haven't had any rain in the past month+... No cracking or brown rot on the Superior yet.

Geo Pride are ripe Fruitnut... Pretty good, but no better then a Flavor Supreme in my opinion. Flavor King better blow me away. Dapple Dandy look great.

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Windfall, that is great. Today I ate my first Italian prune/plum that was oh so sweet! There are no SWD around it either for which I am so grateful! Since our August has been so chilly compared to last summer, I was wondering when the rest of my plums will ripen. The skin on my Italian plum is very tangy. Mrs. G

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My Superiors have been dropping a lot. The birds have been terrible--they seem to know which are the ripest. Have netted and have caught one sparrow who subsequently escaped. About the skin: read that Superiors are easy to peel and found that to be true. So I have peeled the last bunch harvested and mixed them with the few apples ripe at the same time for plum-applesauce. I find the skin of Superior to be too astringent, but it might be better if we could ripen them more. So far, this is my favorite use of Superior. I have dehydrated them in other years, and this works well.

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I find ripe Shiros are easy to peel, as well. But I prefer other plums without the skin problem.

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