Berries for partial sun

lilacs_of_mayAugust 26, 2008

I have a couple of raised beds that get plenty of sun in the spring, but when the trees leaf out they get 3-4 hours of morning sun, then dappled sun throughout the rest of the day. I tried growing vegetables there for a couple of years. They grew but weren't prize winners. Once I moved them out to the sun, they went wild.

I've seen raspberries and blueberries listed as needing partial to full sun, so I wonder if they would work there. Since it's a raised bed set apart from my other planting areas, it would be easier to acidify the soil for them. I've also thought about other berries--acai, logenberry, goji, etc. I've also considered putting a couple of dwarf fruit trees there, or possibly an asparagus patch.

Comments? Would this work? Could I--should I--use some combination of the above? The soil still needs badly to be amended, but that's doable.

This is, of course, all for next spring, but I could start amending the soil this fall. It's sandy and probably doesn't have that many nutrients. I've worked in some compost, but I'm sure it needs a lot more.

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I have had great success with blueberries in the conditions you've listed. However, there are blueberries that thrive in either Northern or Southern climates. It probably would be best for you to look for varietes like: Duke, Bluejay, Earliblue, Bluecrop, Jersey, to name a few. Good luck! You will get results well worth your efforts.

Here is a link that might be useful: Blueberry northern varieties

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