Asian pears: catfacing despite the bags

creekweb(6,7)August 6, 2012

I've found that a fair amount of my bagged Asian pears are showing catfacing, typical of the damage caused by stinkbugs. A few unbagged pears show more extensive damage but the damage on the bagged pears is more than just cosmetic. The strange thing is that I see very few stinkbugs on the trees and never any in the bags or on the bags. I fashioned the bags with very small drainage holes and to be tight fitting around the stems. I would consider that the possibility of something other than stinkbugs causing the damage to be small.

Anyone seen similar on their trees and seen how the stinkbugs are thwarting this bag defense? I wonder whether they are getting in the bags somehow or whether they are sucking right through the plastic. I did use cheap thin Walmart bags and could upgrade to a thicker plastic if I found evidence that this would help.

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I don't have stinkbugs, but I'm always finding earwigs in my bagged fruit. They manage.

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Scott F Smith(6B/7A MD)

Creek, I am not using bags but stinkbugs have the ability to puncture a fruit skin so the baggie is probably not much deterrent. Only the parts of the fruit touched by the bag would be accessible, so keep an eye on what parts of the fruit the damage is on and you will be able to tell if they are getting at the fruits from the outside. Stinkers love my asian pears. They also have strong variety preferences, some are mostly deformed and some are all clear.


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Scott, I am leaning toward your explanation though I really can't find the evidence to back it up. It's amazing to see the degree of damage done on some of these pears, all over the fruit. I do still believe that the bags are worthwhile as they will have allowed a decent harvest while last year there was none. It is true that the stinkbugs have variety preference, but eventually they will go after all the Asian pears. I would have liked some real evidence that they were going through the bags, but in any case I will try using freezer bags next year to see if that improves the outcome.

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