Blueberry Spacing

IBsmilin(7a)August 30, 2013

This will be my first time growing blueberry bushes, and I'm hoping I won't mess anything up! I've put together a 4x8 raised bed with great drainage, and added soil acidifier since our soil is nowhere near acidic. We're getting 2 cultivars of blueberry, tifblue and climax. These will be against the south wall of the home and will be a foundation planting. I am not concerned about whether they grow into one another and make a hedge, but I definitely don't want to plant them too closely and stunt growth. I've tried to find resources to identify the planting distance for those particular cultivars, and I'm falling short. As of right now we'll have 6-8 plants total. I'm really thinking not all of them will fit into the bed I've made. Thankfully, the plants haven't arrived yet, but I'm hoping you can help me gain some info before they get here so I don't do any damage! Thank you!

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fruitnut Z7 4500ft SW TX

The area you have would be big enough for half your plants. You could even stick them all in with lots of pruning. But at least 2ft apart, 3-4 better, would allow a bigger harvest. More than 6ft apart is a waste of space.

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gator_rider2(z8 Ga.)

A foundation can be concrete that has lime in it if fresh concrete real bad raise ph several years very high older better the lime dust will raise up on top water into bed. South side house plant going to get reflected heat in February and brake bud to early. And later in season eve can shade bed are part and rain from eve can be very high amount over 20 times as much. I'm not trying to be negative on your location of bed for blueberries picking right spot for acid loving plant are plants needs to be consider by what there and bush few year can be large and picking maintains up next house wall. I try pick area in my yard that suited for acid loving plants have azal. dog wood, blueberries and some vines. I learn all above by failures and success. .

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Gator, I've got some part to mostly shade area over near some pine trees, still on the south side of the yard that I could use, but I am concerned about them not getting enough sun. I'm not so worried about the foundation as the house was built in the 80's, and the bed is two feet from the foundation anyway. The current location also has a nice slope to it, so water would run down through but not stay. I also hoped that, because the box was 2ft from the wall, if I planted in the middle of the bed, the plant would start out 4 ft from the wall. Hmmm...

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Tifblue and Climax are Rabbiteye blueberries. They are best adapted from the mid-south to northern Florida and the gulf coast. They will not survive in zone 6a (-5 to -10 degrees F). I recommend you plant northern highbush blueberries.

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Oh, I made a blunder. We moved about 6 months ago, and I forgot to update that on this page. I'm in zone 7a now. Make a difference?

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