How's my peach tree looking

Mrainey1234August 19, 2014

Peach tree seems to be growing. Have new stems. Should I remove them. Keep their shape of an vase or cut back on top.

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I'd probably cut about a foot off those two lower arms.It looks like the top is like a central leader,so yes,I'd cut all or most of the top center off.It's a little difficult to see how much the other branches are growing out,so I'd say balance them with the other ones.Nice growth.Brady

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My rule on new trees is to mostly let them do whatever in the first year to start a good root system started. Then work on shape starting year 2. However, in this case assuming you want to keep those lower branches I would tie them up to a higher angle. For strength 45 - 60 degrees at the trunk is the convectional wisdom. Read up on pruning for shape it is an on going thing year after year to keep the tree from running away vertically.

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I agree with cckw, although there has been times when I wished I had done some early pruning. I think I'd let it alone for now, like cckw said.

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