Newly Planted Peach Tree Dying?

bluesky204August 22, 2012

Hey all, I bought a young peach tree in a pot from big box store coupe days ago.

I went to my backyard, dug a hole two times the width of the rootball, inserted the rootball, backfilled with original soil and a bag of potting mix, watered in and finished with a layer of mulch on the top.

I did not water after that but couple days later the leaves started to turn yellow and the tip of the new leaves are turning yellow as well.

I checked the soil and it seemed to be pretty moist.

I added root stimulator this afternoon, hopefully that can get the tree going a little bit.

any ideas to why the leaves are turning yellow? Is my tree struggling to survive?







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Here are some pictures that I failed to post in the first message

Shot at 2012-08-22

Shot at 2012-08-22

Shot at 2012-08-22

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bamboo_rabbit(9A Inverness FL)


I don't like adding potting soil to the backfill....I find just using your regular soil to be better unless you have a reason that makes you have to amend.

Far as the yellow could not possibly pick a WORSE time to plant a tree than August, well maybe July :). Not your fault just bad timing. The tree is just in shock. Don't let it get bone dry but don't over water and just wait and hope it should be ok.

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Thanks for the tip! I added potting mix because the ground where I planted my tree was lower than rest of the garden so I added new potting soil to top up the soil a little bit.

I am new to backyard gardening as I just bought a house in late July, hence the new tree in August :) now I know summer is not ideal for planting. I will monitor the moisture level in the soil. Hopefully my tree can survive the shock. Thanks again!

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olpea(zone 6 KS)

Bamboo is right, this is the worst time to plant a tree (but I've done it before too). I would suggest you rig up some temporary shade. Just keeping the sun off the tree helps a lot to reduce transpiration from the leaves. Just make sure your shade device doesn't hold heat underneath it, which would be worse than no shade at all.

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jean001a(Portland OR 7b)

oou need to monitor the soil in the original rootball

-- that will dry out VERY rapidly,much more rapidly than the surrounding soil. Probably everyday. Maybe twice a day if it's hot.

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Thanks Jean, I remember when I took the rootball out of the original container it was already pretty dry but the leaves were still green, unlike what they are now. So I am confused. It seemed like dry rootball was fine in the original pot. Maybe the root system was established in equilibrium with soil in the pot so the tree was less susceptible to water loss?

But for sure I will check that moisture of the rootball and get some shade for the tree

summer is definitely a bad time to plant a new tree, I have to nurse it like a baby.

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