Douglas Pear:

loneranger_growAugust 10, 2010

Has anyone heard of a Douglas Pear ? I got a tree by that name from Millers Nursery quite a few yrs ago and it had wonderful pears every yr. It had pears one yr when all my apple tree blossoms froze. Did not have another pear tree to polinate it and always wondered how it got polinated? No neighbors had a pear tree that I knew of. Anyway, I just might have gotten a good pear tree or it may have been the variety, but I have been unable to find a tree for sale by that name since. Thanks.

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Gurney's (sp?) Seeds sold it fairly recently but not now. I had to get scionwood from another amateur grower but that was this just year and thus I have none to send.

I'll check the Seed Saver source catalog but can't get at it right now.

"Douglas" is said to be very fire-blight resistant and very precocious in fruiting.

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