How long does it take for peach to ripe

olympia_gardener(5)August 13, 2012

Hi, All. I have a ONE precious July Elberta peach on my second year tree resulted from the rescure mission back in March/April. This is first time it fruits. On Aug.1, I saw its color started to turn a little yellow, still mostly green at that time. I bagged it to prevent either two legged or four legged from picking it. Yesterday, I peeked into near its stem side of the fruit. It does not seem to turn red yet. I put a little pressure on the fruit, it is still pretty firm, not soft. I hate to take the whole bag off, I might bump the fruit off when I rebag it. So could anyone tell me how long I have to wait till the fruit is fully ripe?? I thought this year , fruit ripe early. I already had fully ripe Reliance from my neighbor a week ago. I thought my July Elberta is suppose to be earlier than Reliance. I start to wonder if the tree I have is indeed an July Elberta or not. Thanks for the help.

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gator_rider2(z8 Ga.)

One fruit will stay green longer are unripe keep pressure checking if soft then wait 5 days so ripen to seed soft should be around top peach then be ripe around are near seed. An early Elberta in zone 5 going to be real late like Labor day maybe in my zone they make in 4 months March 10th to July 10th when your fruit formed count 4 months.

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Hi! I have an 'Elberta' peach. They are really just starting to swell and have a bit of color. They are all still hard as rocks. I expect them to be ripe the very end of August to the beginning of Sept. My peach is not a 'July Elberta'.

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Thank you all for the help. This peach has been on the tree for 4 full months by end of July. It is supposed to be ripe early Aug. to label it July Elberta in normal weather pattern. I can let it ripe on its own pace but I am a bit worried about the 4 legged might discover there is a tasty free snack on the tree.

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Bradybb WA-Zone8

There are rabbits eating some things in my vegetable garden,so I bought some spray at Home Depot to help keep them away.Liquid Fence,very bad smell.But while I was there,I saw another product that is suppose to keep raccoons and other pests away.I not sure if these things work,just made the first application yesterday. Brady

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I have two peach trees and they produced over 45 peaches. I don't now what kind, Unfortunately I started spraying late. The fungi got TO THEM. I picked them all from under the trees. I cried. Never again the spraying will start as soon as the bud break.

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I finally decided to pick the peach off the tree in fare of the 4 legged might get it before I do. Here is the picture of it. Isn't it a beauty!

Brad, rid of Rabbit in the yard, a cat is the best thing to have. My cat patrols the yard in the summer , along with my neigbor's cat. it get rid of all sorts of creatures.

Foolishpleasure, sorry for the crop lose. what kind of chemical are you going to spray it with?

BTW How long a peach tree can live, anyone knows?

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olpea(zone 6 KS)

Congrats Olympia,

Very nice looking peach. If it's still a little firm, don't get impatient to eat it. When it's ready to eat, it will start to develop a flat spot where it's sitting on the plate. At that point you can give it a little squeeze and the flesh should give a little. Then it's ready to eat.

Peach trees can live 25 years if taken care of, but generally start to decline after 15 years.

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Bradybb WA-Zone8

Thanks,but my raised garden bed is on the property where I work and the rabbits know just when to come and eat.They took out a row of Bachelor Buttons.We first thought it was an angry customer,LOL.
There are lots of cats where I live.It's probably why there are no birds going after my Blueberries.
Very nice Peach,by the way. Brady

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