dwarf blueberry for zone 9?

mid_pen(z9CA)August 4, 2007

Hi. I thought I got some sort of advertisement from an online company about a dwarf blueberry which could be planted in containers and was intended for warm weather like mine in zone 9. Does anyone have any information about such a plant?

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I can't vounch for the company, but if the variety is Sunshine Blue, then it's all true. It's compact, beautiful, and bears loads of tasty blueberries.

Plant it in 1/3 miniature bark, 1/3 peat moss, and 1/3 compost with a handfull of soil sulphur and a handfull of ammonium sulphate mixed in per plant.

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Thank you SO much! I will check it out right now!

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Correct on the Blueberry info above. One thing i would like to add is that blueberries are very sensitive to bicarbonates and carbonates in the water. In zone 9 your water will almost certainly kill your container planted berry in less than a year. Use only rain water, or use reverse osmosis water that you lower the PH to about 4.5 with vinegar or sulphuric acid. I recently bought some land southeast of Austin on which to grow blueberries. I based the land selection on water tests i did to nearby wells, finally found an area with 4.7 PH water that will work.
Also watch out for sodium in the water, very harmful to blueberries. Don Mikeska

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