apple tree soil ph ?

mcckkey(MI zone 5)August 15, 2012

I planted some of stark bros bareroot whips about 3-4 years ago.I never bothered with soil testing just planted the young whips in my sandy/loam top soil and mulched with whatever bags were the cheapest at walmart.

I recently had a soil test done on the field surrounding my little apple orchard. I'm planting some corn & beans next spring and found out my ph is low 5.7

I'm having a few tons of lime spread on the field in the next few days.Would you recommend I spread some lime around my trees and till it in to raise the soil ph level to an acceptable range 6.0 -6-5 ?

Also how damaging are white grubs to the roots of young apple trees ? I seem to have an infestation as they have killed large patches of grass and I've lost 3 trees this summer two whitney crab apple & one honey crisp. I've ran my rototiller in the rows between the trees and exposed many of the grubs to the soil surface and the birds pick them off.I plan on reseeding the area around the trees in late september with some cheap K31 tall fescue when I reseed my lawn.

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I don't know much about your ph problem, or the grubs.
My only comment is that I would avoid K31 tall fescue.
1. I think it looks terrible
2. K31 takes a lot of nutrients out of the soil. If you don't want to use better looking grass, I would consider green manure type ground covers or clover.

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