best cherry tree

sma_galAugust 3, 2013

I am wanting to plant a cherry tree. I live in zone 4, so I am thinking either crimson passion cherry or Evans Bai Cherry. I want them for fresh eating. Which taste better?

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I know a lot of folks like them, but I have been disapointed in the evans cherry. I have 3, 2 grafted and one on it's own roots, They have yet to set a decent crop in 5+ years and the cherries i do get are almost all pit...and the PC have hammered them most years

I have had much better luck with my other varieties. Mesabi has great flavor and while still tart is passable fresh. Jubilium may be borderline here in Z4 but the cherries this year were very good and notably early to ripen. Sumadinka cropped well this year too and it was quite good if left to hang untill really dark and soft, but it was very early in bloom and late to ripen...I doubt we will see consistent production from it.

Can't speak to crimson passion

But eating any of the sours fresh in volume is an acquired taste I think.

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