Could this be the reason

foolishpleasureAugust 18, 2012

Please look at these infected fruit or whatever it is from a huge shade tree the neighbor has on the line of our properties. The tree is 50 feet high and lots of its branches extending in my yard over my Vegitable garden and my fruit trees (all dwarf).This tree drops these things in my yard and they look infected. I am suffering from Fungi problems to my vegetable and fruit trees and working around the clock to fight sometimes I win and others I lose. The neighbor never sprayed that tree with any thing. It is in the back of his house and I think he does not even know it existed. Could this tree be the reason for my Funji problems. I can spray the tree from my property with dormant oil and Funfi spray. Could that solve my problems or at least least give me a chance agaist these diseased to my plants.

Thank you


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another infected stuff

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I'm guessing these are walnuts, but I can't really say. Crack one open and see if there's a walnut inside. Walnut trees are huge and growing vegetables near them may be problematic I seem to recall reading. But I have no experience.

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Yeah, those are walnuts, I lived in a house under a huge walnut tree for years, and thems walnuts.

Just wear gloves if you try to peel them, the oil from the fruit will stain your skin so bad it has to wear off, it won't wash off (short of lava soap and grinding that layer of skin off).

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Don't think they're infected, just chewed on.

Walnut trees produce a substance called juglone that can be toxic to some other plants grown within the root zone.

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Thanks for the comments I realized that this tree roots are causing damage to my vegetables. It had huge root extending in my property I made an operation on it and move it. I digged a deep hole at the ptopery line under the root and cut it with the chain saw then followed it in my garden and remove it. As for its little roots I purchased a very strong rottary teller made by HUSQVARNA and I rottary till the area three timed digging the small roots and pick it to the trash. I am planning to give that tree a good dormant oil spray then keep spraying it weekly with Fungi spray. I hope this will make me raise my vegetable in peace. The cuts on its fruit as shown in the picture are similar to the injuries my peach, apple and pears suffer. Nobody chews on these fruits I had few squirrels I cught them 10 of them and gave them a ride to Federal land 50 miles away. One of my neighbors told just kill them but I would not do that.

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Spraying the walnut tree will not help you. Walnuts give off juglone through the roots. Those nuts are not infected, they are half eaten by squirrels.
No matter how much you trap or shoot them, if you have a walnut tree you will have squirrels.

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