Birds eating fruit off the tree

agnellok(Z9 So. Calif)August 2, 2012

Greetings !!

I have a dwarf fig and peach tree in my front yard.This year for some reason I have juvenile finches pecking/feeding at my peaches and figs. I need some ideas on how to prevent this behavior.

Thank you


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You can buy bird netting at Lowe's. It will prevent
birds from getting at the fruit.

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agnellok(Z9 So. Calif)

Thanks Rayrose...........

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I use bird scare. I tried the netting but when its all done it just pulls off the leaves and breaks branches.
The bird scare comes on a large roll like masking tape, but looks like xmas tinsel and just ties on(w/long streamers) and can be used re-used. The bird don't like it. If you ever take a ride down through the center of California this time of year you would think it is Christmas. All the large ranches use it. I bought mine at Home depot. PS if you have birds nesting in places you dont want them, use it there too.

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I'd use bird scare like campy said. It does work great and it's easy to work with. Do you have any suckers or cuttings you can take of your fig to trade?

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