Is this a blackberry plant?

iamzvonko(5)August 2, 2012


I planted blackberries last year and they grew really good this year. In addition to the new growth from the planting, I have gotten something new coming out of the ground from the same place.

The leaves look somewhat similar to the blackberry leaves but the stem is much thicker. Is it a blackberry or something else?


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Yes, that is a blackberry. As the plants grow and get established, they will get significantly larger. Canes on some varieties can be a couple of inches in diameter at the base if happy. And as your photo depicts, the larger, more mature foliage has five leaflets instead of three.

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Definitely a blackberry. Reminds me of the Chesters/TC. Second year growth kind of explodes.

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When I first saw it, I thought it was a weed and I broke it off. Well, a couple of weeks later it was back at it again. So I let it grow to see if it would develop any blooms. Glad I didn't touch it anymore.

Thanks for the feedback.

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