Flavor Grenade Pluot

MrClintAugust 2, 2012

I'm really glad that I planted a Flavor Grenade Pluot. What's not to like about this fruit? Crunchy, juicy, good sweet/tart balance, and holds well on the tree. I'm interested in hearing what folks have to say about this tree. Mine is on Myro 29c, which seems to be doing well with blazing hot western exposure.

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hoosierquilt USDA 10A Sunset 23 Vista CA(10b Sunset 23)

mrclint, the Flavor Grenade seems to do very well in our area. I had some at the Vista Farmers Market and was really shocked at first off, how crunchy they were, but not hard, and secondly, how very sweet they were. I will be picking one up and squeezing it in somewhere. Mine weren't really tart at all, but not super ultra sweet. Just right for me. I bought a big bag of them, and I confess, I only let my husband have one. :-) What are you using for a cross pollinator?? Better have one in my line up, as I'm quickly running out of room. I'll have to graft a cross pollinator possibly.

Patty S.

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Most delicious fruit in my orchard. Sets lots of fruits. However, in the PNW these pluots do lose alot of foliage to brown rot (or something) every year. So I get more and more blind wood every year. Impossible to prune them down to size and still have any viable wood left. So I let it grow without any pruning. I think they would die completely with a less vigorous rootstock. But if you're going to grow a pluot in the PNW, this is the one. Just remember this ain't pluot country.

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I have Burgundy & Beauty Plum, as well as Flavor King and Dapple Dandy Pluots in close proximity for cross pollination. Maybe the sweet/tart/tang that I'm picking up is on fruit not yet fully ripe, and/or because the tree is a bit young. The crunchy juiciness is there in spades and cannot be denied. As much as I love Flavor King, it is really unappealing if picked a bit early. Not so with Flavor Grenade.

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hoosierquilt USDA 10A Sunset 23 Vista CA(10b Sunset 23)

Good to know, mrclint. I will have a Dapple Dandy right next to it, and both a Burgundy and a Flavor King down in my pick and walk orchard. I only have room for a few new things this next bare root season, and Flavor Grenade is definitely one of them.

Patty S.

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theaceofspades(7 Long Island)

Flavor Grenade grafted branch does not ripen here for another month at least.
I have Dapple Dandy and Flavor Heart and Flavor King trees. They are all tough to crop. Flavor Heart does well after the PC in June. Flavor King has been cracking this year. Dapple Dandy has been rotting. The DD fruits are getting huge I hope enough make it till ripe! As these pluot trees mature in size will enough fruits beat out the PC, birds, rot and cracking, time will tell.

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My unsprayed Flavor Grenade pluots are brown rot magnets compared to my other plums, and I end up eating them before disease strikes, but before they're fully ripe, and they're not really so good eating at that stage. This year that was near a month ago.

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DWN labeled this as 200-300 chill hours but then on another page, DWN has it at 400-500 chill hours, what's real and what's fake? confusing!

Do you guys find flavor king better than flavor queen? any other variety recommendations other than Flavor Grenade, Dapple Dandy, Beauty?

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fruitnut Z7 4500ft SW TX

The lower chill hrs will work in some places. But this isn't exact science, there are too many variables. People expect some exact number that will work everywhere under all conditions and that's not realistic. In many cases they do crop with little chilling.

My favorites are Flavor Supreme, Geo Pride, Flavor King, Flavor Grenade, Honey Punch, Crimson Royale, Flavor Finale, and Flavor Treat. I'm eating Flavor Supreme now and it's exceptional fruit but often needs hand pollination to set and is, I think, higher chilling.

Flavor King is way better than Flavor Queen IMO.

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This is probably the only time I disagree with fruitnut because he is always spot on. I like flavor queen a little bit better than flavor king.Taste is a subjective matter but I just love the pure sweetness of flavor queen, it's almost like eating a piece of candy.

My orchard is still young so I haven't got to taste all the retail nursery pluots yet, but I rank them in this order this order:
flavor supreme
flavor grenade
flavor queen
flavor king
dapple dandy

haven't tried yet, but have fruit on the trees this year:
emerald drop
flavor finale
dapple supreme

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fruitnut Z7 4500ft SW TX

Golly Steve we'll have to label you the new brix junkie!! Please tell us more about how you are growing these. Aren't you in the Mountains of CO? Not an easy place to grow pluots.

I prefer some flavor with my sugar. Flavor King has way more flavor than Flavor Queen, for my taste buds. What I don't like about Flavor Queen is that it's nothing but sweet. We do agree on Flavor Supreme though. It's got tons of flavor along with very sweet. My buddy likes Flavor Queen and we usually agree so it takes all kinds to make everyone happy.

Here's a picture of Honey Punch taken today. It's about as sweet as any pluot even Flavor Queen.

Then there is Crimson Royale. It looks a lot like Flavor Grenade but tastes way different. You can really taste the apricot. Most of the others just taste like plums, only sweeter and better, to me.

Here's my newly planted Dapple Supreme with two fruit. It's dropping a few leaves from water stress but will be OK I think. It's covered with fruit buds for next year.

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No, not CO. I live in the foothills about 100mi north of Sacramento. Fruit trees are really easy to grow here otherwise I probably wouldn't do it. I agree that flavor king has more flavor than flavor queen, FQ is just pure sweetness.
I just ate my last flavor supreme yesterday, they ripened up a couple weeks early this year. I'm bummed that I have to wait a year to eat more of them. In a normal year here they'd just be getting ripe now.
I'd love to get a hold of a few of those commercial varieties but just can't justify buying a bundle of 10 or 20 whatever their requirement is.

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