Concord grape identification

poolecw(Georgia 7b)August 12, 2013

Guys, I planted some concords and muscadines this spring. I planted 6 concords...three came from Lowes and three came from Ty Ty nursery. Now that they are up and growing well, I've noticed that the concords look different from one another. The three that came from Ty Ty have large rounded leaves while the three from Lowes have large jagged leaves. See the pictures below.

Question is this: can they all still be concords or has someone messed up along the way? I know that there are hundreds of varieties out there so identification would be very hard to do.

I have a request as well. If you have concords growing in your backyard, would you mind snapping and sharing a photo on this thread? That might help me figure out whats going on

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poolecw(Georgia 7b)

Here's the picture of the other...

and yes, I have a Japanese beetle problem. LOL.

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gator_rider2(z8 Ga.)

The top one is Grape bottom muscadine TYTY is bad place to get right plant your plants photos look great.

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poolecw(Georgia 7b)

I've learned my lesson about TY TY. They must have just mixed up my order. If the bottom one is a muscadine, then it is a Summit female. I ordered two summit females and one Carlos male. The leaves on the Carlos are the same shape as the one in the bottom picture but the Carlos' leaves is 1/4 the size.

Could male and females muscadine leaves have such drastically different sizes?

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