what to plant where: apricots vs. pears

steve_in_los_ososAugust 19, 2013

I have two spots left in my backyard and am growing out some potted bench grafts to plant in them. Both spots will get somewhat enhanced Winter chill due to lack of sun from late Fall to late Winter/early Spring.

One spot "wakes up" earlier in terms of sun, but only gets sun starting at around 11:00 am. The other takes longer to see the sun going into early Spring but then gets it just about the entire day. As the growing season comes to a close, the spot with all-day sun loses it first.

I'm trying to decide which tree, apricot or pear would have the best chance where. Since pears develop later in the season maybe they would benefit from more days of sun even though it only starts around 11:00 am. Having the apricots in the spot that lakes longer to come into sun might slow down the bloom a little to avoid some rain.


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I would plant a shade tolerant tree like Paw Paw. I have an apricott that gets about 7 hours of direct sunlight and it is doing fine so far. My asian pears get more sun and they are doing better.

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both trees can require much winter chill...depending on variety. Choose carefully. Some varieties like "Katy" are touted as low chill....and produce very poorly.

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