How are your AS.persimmon doing?

persimmonbob(6b)August 9, 2012

Mine are what i expect.I got rootstock that has been grafted on since 05 and some grafted this spring with sionwood from England Nursery.6 varieties,enough to do a bunch grafts. Happy with their stuff.Our drought did not face them, looking great.

I did got some graft breakage from 2 very strong storms,it was my fault i did not support them in time. It still hurt and also removed the tape too soon.

Owner of a local nursery gave me some sionwood to try from his mother's place in Beaumont Tx.that he said was excellent tasting and large in size.She does not know the name but the tree is very old now.Still interesting.The leaves are light colored and very large,different than the ones i am use to.This little tree is guarded with a tall wire ring and not taking any chances this winter.

My observations sofar with as.persimmon,Sayo and rossianka have a hard time coping with prolong 100*plus degrees,both are very precocious with very little fruit drop if any.

Kiungsunhas the worst fruit drop but taste delish,but i am o.k with that. Like my fig's there are more overripe fig's on the ground than on the tree.Giombo is another keeper,it is like Sayo but larger.

Persimmon and paw paw's are the fruits that i allways look forward to,eventhough one or two paw paw's a day is all i could handle and with a little imaganation you could think that they are in the mango femaly.I can't wait for mine paw paw gelato.

I also value asian persimmon and paw paw's for their landscape purposes.

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Not a good year for me for Asian persimmon. I have a Sheng tree which is loaded and too tall to have thinned the fruit and am wondering now if I should be thanking the squirrels who will soon be plundering the fruit for saving the tree from self-destruction. Light fruit set otherwise all around. I have a multi-grafted tree with KSD which has not shown any rebound this year on the affected grafts, yet interestingly, some of the grafts which had shown evidence of disease last year show none this year. A smarter person would have removed this tree already and cut their losses, but I invested too much work into it and will continue to watch its slow demise.

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Creekweb i am surprise about the treerats,they usely don't bother persimmon.I am in the middle of the Ozarks but they the plums.Most of my persimmon's are grown down hill grafted on natives, but if i a special small grafte tree close to the house i give it some special care.Here is a sample.This is a no name asian pers.given to me last winter.
Note tall cage,white bucket with 2 small holes in the bottom,i mean small 1/32" on each side,fill with rainwater and add 3 tbs of liguid fert.I use only Seagrow plus(2-1-2) from will see immediate growth.In the winter i will save one branch and the others for grafting.

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Don't know if it's the same, but I have the 'Rupp' persimmon, which came out of Beaumont TX; have had it growing for years here, on the recommendation of...either Eddie Rhoades in GA or Bonnie Childers in TX - can't recall which sent it to me now. Different leaf from most of the virginianas, though some are 'fuzzy' like Rupp; has not fruited(or else, I didn't get the fruits before the critters did) for me - but may have some this year - I've not looked at it.

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