ofms in cm traps

MichaelAugust 10, 2014

About 3 weeks ago I started finding OFM moths in my Trece, bat wing CM traps hanging in the apple trees and baited with 1mg CM lures. The moths showed up all at once and lasted for about a week and a half or more. The moths also came in large numbers, like 5 or 6 or more every 24 hours. My CM catches have never been close to that many all season.

Having never had OFM in the peaches before it took me a bit of time to react to the OFM threat and they put a whoop'n on this year's crop while I dithered, what a mess.

Anybody ever had OFM show up in their CM traps?

BTW, the CM traps were and always have been doing there job catching CM moths.

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