blueberry pest--possible ID?

steve_in_los_ososAugust 16, 2012

My blueberries are infested with some kind of insect which is lime green in color, has prominent sail-shaped wings--or wing covers (held up like a butterfly at rest). They jump about when disturbed but generally crawl to get out of the way or get somewhere. I have suspicions that they have a larval stage that looks like a mealy bug with a bad hair day.

The plants are a mess. There is sticky stuff everywhere and ants are starting to appear. I've tried soap/oil several times, but to no avail and it just seems to aggravate the fungal problems we have hear near the bay.

Anyone have an idea what these creatures might be and how to send them packing?

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Are they chewing on the leafs and stems? Not sure what type of bug your talking about but if it chews leafs or stems Spinosad would my choice for insecticide.

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Yeah, one picture....

So I took this picture of a cooperative bug that was sitting on a piece of mulch as I disturbed the hell out of them by doing some serious pruning today (you can see another in the background on a stem).

Now are there any guesses?

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edweather(Zone 5a/b Central NY)

I've got them here in NY too. Looks like some sort of leaf hopper. Saw one near my melons and potatoes yeaterday.

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Acanalonia conica is there name and they are one of the main diet of praying mantis and many lizards. I'd say purchase a few natural predators online or be kind to those that you have and find a way to your yard more inviting for them. google search attracting praying mantis or lizards or something to that extent.

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The insect in the above image most closely resembles the torpedo bug, Siphanta acuta, a different genus of planthopper than Acanalonia.

Steve's suspicions about the larval stage are correct.

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"Currently no known pesticides"

And the listed predators are found in Hawaii where this thing is a major invasive species causing all kinds of damage. Every symptom from the honeydew to the fungus matches.


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Bradybb WA-Zone8

Clever little Dickens,looks just like a leaf.

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