Granny Smith help to many apples, hurting tree

hcoffmanAugust 24, 2013

I just bought a house last year and on the land it had to granny apple trees. Well last year they did not produce very much at all, so i made sure to pull off all the apples that did bloom and water it really good throught the spring. Both of them bloom alot this year and i did not even notice at first cuz i had a lot going on this summer, went out for a walk to see my trees and them have way over produce so much the branches are bent over and touching the ground some of the branches are spitting off from the trunk. My trees are in bad shapeand the apples are not full ripe yet so what do i do?? i know nothing about this i'm a city girl. I think some of the problem is i did not prune the tree last year cuz i did not know i needed to. so any help would be great!!

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fruitnut Z7 4500ft SW TX

Your trees are in a cycle of biennial bearing caused by not thinning. Next year they'll hardly bloom again because they weren't thinned this year.

Prune out the damaged wood this winter. If it only blooms lightly next year you can leave all the apples mostly to try to pull out of the two year cycle. If it sets quit a bit, leave apples spaced about 8 inches apart next year. And most importantly thin heavily and early the next year it has a big bloom, probably 2015.

It's too late this year to help anything besides breakage of the tree. Thin off enough to spare the tree any more damage.

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Granny Smith tend to hang on the branch ends and go right to the ground on the lower branches. Obviously this is not ideal but it is the nature of this tree. I don't know where you are located, but they also ripen very late, even into November. One thing you could do to help is to keep the fruit close to the main trunk, where the branches are more stout and can support the weight. Maybe remove the fruit that is right on the branch tips, especially the branches that are very thin and lanky.

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