Hydraulic cement & borers

MichaelAugust 26, 2013

I have a copy of, "The Peach, the Kansas Peach" published in 1899 by the KS State Horticultural Society, in it they have the following recommendation for dealing with borers on stone fruit trees.......make up a mixture (don't remember the ratios) of hydraulic cement and milk and paint it onto the trunk and limbs of the tree.

They found it to be effective and stayed put pretty good because of the casein in the milk added flexibility to the cement in the mix when it dried. A water and cement mixture was found to crack and fall off readily.

Apparently, peach production was pretty big in this state back in 1899, the leading county had appx. 181,000 bearing trees and appx. 48,000 non-bearing trees.

If you try it, let us all how well it works, I wouldn't start with an entire orchard, just a small trial patch to be safe.

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A whole lot of the remedies of 1899 have proven to be bogus. Would you consider being treated with the medical treatments of that era? The use of cement to protect the wood of trees has been debunked many years ago. Al

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Hey Al: by debunked do you mean proven to be ineffective or just hogwash in someone's opinion? I ask because it was apparently shown to be effective and that was included in the book.

No thanks to the 100 yo medical practices. Less than a year ago I got sick, had I gotten what I did 10 years ago I'd have beeen dead within a year's time. The development of MRI technology in the last 10 year's saved my life, literally, along with a few other factors.

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