persimmon for Austria (which one and where from?)

cousinfloydAugust 28, 2013

A friend of mine in Austria (near Linz) just bought his first house, and I think I'd like to buy him a persimmon tree, so I have two questions.

One, which variety should I buy for him? Trouble-free is my first priority. Which native (D.v.) varieties are most assured to set fruit without a pollinator? I've also thought about 'rosseyanka.' What thoughts would you all have? I think I've seen posts before from persimmon growers in Slovakia and Hungary on this forum, and I'd be especially interested in your recommendations.

Secondly, who sells persimmons in or to Austria? I have no idea what nurseries there are in central Europe or whether shipping within EU states is any trouble. I imagine if I limit my nursery options strictly to Austria I may not find anything. Any recommendations for a nursery?

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I can tell you this is probably Zone 6, so yes, Nikita's Gift or american persimmon. Given geography I would check german and czech nurseries too, they will be closer to Linz than most Austrian nurseries.

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Floyd - Sepp Holzer grows sweet cherries, grapes and even lemons up in the mts near stralzburg. 1500m above sea level. I wouldnt be surprised if perssimon would make it there.

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I am a persimmon grower in the Czech Republic. My nursery is located about 100 km north from Vienna. Currently stock nearly 20 varieties of the american persimmon and some hybrids as well. Contact me if interested.

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Harbin, I sent you a direct message. Thank you again.

I'd be interested in variety recommendations from others, too, though.

Can anyone comment on the ability of native (D.virginiana) persimmons to set fruit without male pollinators? Are some cultivars better in this respect than others? Anyone have any information about Juhl, in particular?

I'm thinking my friend would also probably like a tree with the healthiest looking leaves possible. Any recommendations for a cultivar that would look especially nice? I'm not really asking about exceptional fall color or anything like that so much as a cultivar that just tends to look exceptionally healthy in comparison to other cultivars.

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