pollinator for Mutsu (Crispin) apple

steve_in_los_ososAugust 20, 2013

Will Hawaii work?

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From a little online research, I think so.

Mutsu is a triploid variety and will not pollinate itself or other apples, and is listed as being in 'pollination group 3' which gives an idea of when the flowers are blooming (I believe there are 4 groups for apples - early, early-mid, late-mid, late), and generally apples within one group of each other have some overlap in blooming time and can pollinate each other to some degree (unless they have sterile pollen like the triploid varieties)

Below is a link to an online resource at Orange Pippin that lets you check pollination partners for apples. Unfortunately it does not list Hawaii. However, a quick online search showed that Hawaii is listed in the Stark catalog as in group 4 (although 'no longer offered'), and Hawaii is not triploid, so I assume it would pollinate Mutsu but not vice versa.

I do not know how Mutsu does in your climate with respect to chill hrs. I know that I have had it from orchards in MD and PA and NY where it was very good, but I have a Mutsu tree that seems to be a real bug and disease magnet compared to my few others and it oversets most years and would benefit from better thinning.

Here is a link that might be useful: Orange Pippin apple pollination checker

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here is the link to the Stark catalog listing for Hawaii:

Here is a link that might be useful: Hawaii apple

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Golden Delicious does a very good job for me. My Mutsu bears a beautiful crop every year. Al

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Thanks for the info! I missed that Hawaii reference in the Stark catalog. I've been through Orange Pippin and all the other on-line pollination references but never saw Hawaii mentioned, as you noted.

Golden Delicious is not known for doing well here whereas I do know of growers who have had luck with Hawaii so I'm leaning toward that with fingers crossed. Fuji is an obvious choice, but again is difficult here.

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