Anyone getting Asian Pears yet?

sharppa(6)August 10, 2013

I'm in eastern PA (Lehigh Valley) and these pears are off my 4 in 1 Asian Pear tree. I think they are Shinseiki but I'm not sure. This is the tree I've had trouble with the past two years...leaf spotting last fall and no good fruit and this spring pear leaf blister mites. I'm hoping to get some good fruit this fall but the leaf spotting appears to be starting again.

I had one pear drop 2 days ago and it was mealy and not sweet. One of the pears in the picture was okay texture but really bitter skin. And a 2nd one was actually quite nice...crisp and a bit sweet. I think I like the later varieties better though.

From my records, we are a little earlier than 2 years ago when I got more fruit around the 20th. I'm not sure about last year with the disease/pest problems.

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I tried my first shinseiki yesterday. It was definitely good, but I suspect the others might get even better if I leave them a little longer. I would assume the same variety would ripen noticeably later in Pennsylvania, but I really have no idea.

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Not yet. Hosui just fruited this year. I can't remember when I picked Shinko. It's some time in Sept. 20th Century in mid/late Sept. Korean Giant late Sept/early Oct. (some years mid Oct.).

Also, sometimes when squirrels started taking them, I just picked so I could have some.

Of all 4 varieties: KG has no problem (knock on wood). Fruit is large and tasty. Shinko is resistant to fire blight but has some leave problem (some turned yellow with green veins.) My guess is some virus. Fruit is bland in my climate. 20th Century gets some fire blight. Fruit is small and not as sweet as KG. Fruit cracks easily after a dry period followed by rain. Hosui is a headache for me. It gets both fire blight and leave virus. (or it could be mineral deficiency).

I have streptomycin for fire blight but can't remember where I keep it. This year, it's very hot and humid. Fire blight galore. I'll be ready with my streptomycin next year.

Copper spray during dormant season is to prevent specific bacteral diseases on peaches and other stone fruit. I don't think it's for fire blight.

However, since it does not hurt and I have leftover so I spray it on my pears anyway!!

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