Grafting Pawpaw, mulberry, peach, jujube, and persimmon?

milehighgirl(CO USDA 5B/Sunset 2B)August 10, 2013

I have several rootstocks left from trees that gave up the ghost, so to speak. I would like to learn how to graft these less popular trees: Pawpaw, mulberry, peach, jujube, and persimmon. I have only successfully grafted pear and apple so far.

Pawpaw: I am surprised that my dead pawpaw is sending up new shoots. This makes me very happy! Will it be too soon to graft to them next spring? Should I select one single shoot now and remove the others?

Mulberry: I have two mulberry rootstocks from Illinois Everbearing. First I need to find where I can get mulberry scion. I would like to try Oscar and Girardi. Standard spring grafting with dormant scion?

Peach: Last year my PF-24C broke due to too high fruit set w/o enough support. This is really not my favorite cultivar so I thought to learn on it. If I take scion from above the tree and graft the same onto the trunk should I use a bark graft (Konrad's modified)? How far above ground should I cut the tree? Is this the proper time to do it? I am confused about peach. If I remember it should be grafted during the growing season and not spring with last years dormant new growth, correct?

Jujube & Persimmon: My jujube and persimmon also went bye-bye. I can get scion for these from England. Since they are only sending up shoots this year will next spring be too soon? The shoots are only a few inches high right now.

I have The Grafter's Handbook but these trees are not mentioned much if at all. Thank you:)

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I will have Wellington and most likely Pakistan Mulberry scions ready for next year.My Girardi is still too small to prune,but it put out a lot of nice fruit though. Brady

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milehighgirl(CO USDA 5B/Sunset 2B)


That sounds wonderful. I hope I have something that you would like to trade for. I'll send you a PM.

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yukkuri_kame(Sunset 19 / USDA 9)

I used simple wedge grafts to add 'Early White' and 'Lavender' to my once-fruitless mulberry. This was my first year grafting anything, but I had 6 of 7 grafts take so mulberry is forgiving. 'Pakistan White' was the only failure. I grafted dormant wood probably a little bit early onto a tree that was just budding out. Early white fruited right away!

I'm looking to add variety, and would like an everbearing type. Happy to trade scion from what little I have.

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milehighgirl(CO USDA 5B/Sunset 2B)


I have Illinois Everbearing that I can send. I have not been able to find hardiness ratings for Lavender or Early White. Do you know if they can withstand temps down to -20F?

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yukkuri_kame(Sunset 19 / USDA 9)

Generally the whites tend to be some of the most cold hardy, but I don't know much about either of these clones. I picked them up at a local scion swap, and know nothing other than what was written on the masking tape: 'early white' and 'lavender'. The early white berries are quite large, 2inches and fat.

Anyway, I'm happy to send some wood and maybe I have some other scion (apple, nectarine, peach, plum) or seeds you might be interested in to make a trade worthwhile - take a look at my trade list.

Yes, I'd like some illinois everbearing and I'd be interested in asian persimmon scion as I've got a tiny seedling that should be graftable come spring.

The mulberry and other trees here won't go dormant until December, so that would be a good time to revive this topic.

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