Best southern blueberries--rabbiteye and especially highbush

gonebananas_gwAugust 4, 2014

The seeming tidal wave of new releases in the recent past has me half dizzy.

I have heard good things about "Sweetcrisp" and heard there is one even better, but restricted to commercial growers.

Among the types available to the home grower, what are some top tasters and top producers and biggest sizes?

I tried "Titan" this spring and found the large berries attractive for size (especially for kids) and plenty enough good in taste (I may or may not have gotten them at optimal ripeness).

What else?

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fruitnut Z7 4500ft SW TX

Sweetcrisp and Springhigh are my best tasting. They do bloom early which is an issue in most of 7/8.

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Fruitnut- do you know where we can order Springhigh online?

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fruitnut Z7 4500ft SW TX

You might try Miller plant nursery 386-684-6362 9am-2pm. Their website doesn't give much info.

Florida Hill Nursery has Springhigh. Some have had issues with FHN but that was sometime ago.

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I can't speak for zone 7/8 or any of the hard to find varieties. My best tasting berry will differ from year to year. 'Sunshine Blue' has been consistent, well behaved, a good producer, highly ornamental and always excellent eating. 'Misty' gets honorable mention.

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I had Star the first time this year and really liked it,very sweet and Legacy has a very good flavor,plus large berries. Brady

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Stac5455, just a suggestion, I would stay 500 ft. away from FHN as they have been questionable in their credibility of supplying the blueberry varieties they claim to be. Many of us have been burnt with FHN's blueberry varieties. Despite reading online comments about FHN, I have purchased blueberry plants from them yet the plants already show different growth habit characteristics than what they are supposed to look like. I have yet to wait for the real fruits to determine if they sold me what it was supposed to be. It is really painful way to find out it is a different variety than what you had purchased only after several years. Plus they have not responded my questions concerning the plants I received. Just Fruits and Exotics has been highly recommended by many blueberry experts. I have contacted JF&E recently, they are going to have many blueberry varieties available for the fall (most likely in October). You might want to contact them to see if they will have Spring High available in the fall.

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Inkfin ~ Thank you for the advice. I too have ordered from FHN before and still not sure i have gotten the blueberries that I ordered early last year. I dont plan on ordering from them. I do plan on ordering from Just Fruits and Exotics in the fall. I have them bookmarked and will be checking reguarly to see when the blueberries get in stock.


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Stac5455, I am also in a process of expanding my blueberry orchard and contacted JF&E recently and here is what they wrote me back:
I've added you to our Call list and we'll call you in August/September to complete the order. We will start shipping in mid October. Our low chill Southern Highbush varieties are Emerald, Sharpblue, Springhigh, Springwide, Primadonna, Windsor, Gulf Coast and others. I know we will have Emerald and Sharpblue in 1 gallons this Fall. We are out of the others.

Just Fruits and Exotics Nursery
30 Saint Frances St. Crawfordville FL 32327

850-926-5644, FAX 850-926-9885

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I planted three year old bushes three years ago (in huge pots, 'cause that's the only way they can get enough sun) and had the first good crop this year. Climax had the best taste, but a moderate yield. Premier was amazing in this regard: the plant had minimal leaf cover but absolutely overwhelmed in fruit. However, the best tasting was a new variety, Pink Lemonade. As the name implies, the fruit is pink when ripe and I was hoping that the birds wouldn't notice. No matter...I left the frame of my 'temporary' winter greenhouse up and pulled bird netting over that. Didn't lose a single berry.... The Pink Lemonade has the most interesting flavor of the bunch.


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Inkfin ~ Thanks for the heads up. I will send them an email today.


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Got my first taste of Ochlockonee rabbiteyes first year after transplant. It is a late bloomer so escaped the horrid freezes we had well into Spring 2014. This thing also had staggered ripening, which I enjoyed because my vacation property is 20 mins outside of town & I cannot get there every day. Ochlockonee gave me ripe blueberries beginning Aug 29 until Oct 16! Medium size berries; dark blue; good flavor; good texture. I've heard reports that this bush can grow as high as 8 feet tall, so I'm very pleased & excited about this one.

Ison's Nursery of Georgia sold it to me bare-root, along w/ Climax, Brightwell & Vernon (these are surviving in Zone-6b but no berries yet) and Tiftblue & Powderblue (which did not survive transplant into the late cold-spells). This is in the Catoctin Mountains of Maryland.

Here is a pic of my Ochlockonee-- attached. (Some of the berries in this pic got pecked by birds hence their imperfect appearance.) This thing's a real winner!


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I'll put in my vote for Sunshine and Misty also.
I have two Rabbiteyes that have fruited this year,Columbus and Yadkin.Columbus is only okay,but Yadkin has very good flavor and is sweet.
Another one I have is Trentberry,but am not sure what category this one's in.The berries are very shiny,dark blue and sweet.
These last three came from Edible Landscaping. Brady

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