Grapes--two harvests

dannyb_mdAugust 12, 2012

I planted a grapevine (Seyval Blanc, this was an impulse purchase and planting) last year. It grew like gangbusters, and even gave me a few bunches of grapes this summer. Just about when I picked them, I noticed more grapes suddenly appeared. There seem to be quite a few immature bunches starting up, suggesting I will get a second (and larger) harvest, provided there is enough time before the fall for them to ripen. Is this usual? I can't find anything anywhere about this.

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fruitnut Z7 4500ft SW TX


It's not unusual but usually it takes pruning to force those later fruits. Usually the late fruits are smaller berries, smaller clusters, tighter clusters, and they don't get as sweet if ripening is delayed until cool weather.

Mid season pruning forces some of the buds that would have provided next years crop. So those late clusters are really next years crop come early. But it shouldn't reduce next years crop. A grape vine has plenty of fruit buds.

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Thanks for the response. This is very helpful to know. It's odd, because I didn't do any mid-season pruning. I'm just letting it grow (which it is, with a vengeance).

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bencjedi(6 - Central Kentucky)

I've got a vine that does this too. I was propagated by burial-snip from the main plant more than 2 years ago. For whatever reason the fruit on it matures about 2 weeks behind the main vines on the original plant. It gives me a little break with making jellies and wine as I don't need to pick everything at once before the wasps start poking holes in the fruit to drink the sweet juices.

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