Yes, another paw paw thread

m_taggart(7b)August 13, 2012

I'll try to keep it brief, because i am asking for a diagnosis. I planted two paw paw trees in early March of this year. They came in 3 gallon pots and were quite healthy when they went in the ground. I amended the holes with bagged compost only then mulch with bagged compost. I kept both well watered and weed free.

Come mid June the one paw paw began to show signs of stress. Leaves yellowed, starting at the margins and turned to a crispy brown. This happened very slowly. The plant doesn't seem bad enough that it will die, but it looks very bad in comparison to the other.

The two plants are nearly identical except for two conditions worth noting. I planted the stressed paw paw in the same spot where I had dug out a dying sweet gum tree. I used a maddock and removed all of the stump. There should be very little of that tree remaining. Second, something is making small holes in the earthen mound in which this paw paw is planted. I am able to poke my finger in some spots and find large voids just underneath the soil surface it is almost Ike mole holes, but there are no tunnels and the voids below the surface seem lare, I.e. I cannot fill them to overflowing with a garden hose.

That's pretty much it. One looks great, the other looks terrible. And they're about 8-10 feet apart. Here's some pics.

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My mango pawpaw is doing the same thing, but only on the older leaves. The susquehanna 10 feet away is doing fine. Both are in full sun.

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Bradybb WA-Zone8

They still could be a little young.Possibly sunburn. Brady

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With regards to my two, wouldn't both show symptoms if the issue was too much sun? They are the same age.

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milehighgirl(CO USDA 5B/Sunset 2B)

I would not entirely discount the idea of sun stress. My pawpaws did this too when they were younger (no holes in the leaves or ground though). One variety may be more susceptible to sun damage than the other. I had mine in pots and was able to bring them under the porch so they got only early morning direct sun. They just really took off when I moved them. One of mine did show more signs of stess than the other. I have NC-1 and Pennsylvania Golden.

It may be that a little shade will help the tree fight off what ever else is stressing it?

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I've heard of planting sunflowers as temporary shade for young pawpaws, and just thought of adding an annual climber - perhaps a half-runner bean?

Has anyone tried this?

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I wonder about something upright like sunflowers, particularly if they wouldn't compete too directly with the pawpaw, but I like the idea of an annual or other temporary shade crop/plant. Thanks for the idea.

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skyjs(z8 OR, USA)

We have dry summers, and I often got sun stress on my pawpaws, as they often grow in summer rain areas. I think your paw paws look fine.
John S

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