Carmen Jewel bush cherry

northwoodswis4August 1, 2011

This question has been posed before, but I will ask again, in case there are those who are just getting cherries on their carmen jewel cherry bushes, since they are relatively new. Do those of you in the humid eastern U.S. have the same cherry insect and disease problems with them as with the tree cherries? I have three bushes that are a couple years old, but have not produced any cherries yet. I am wondering if it is worthwhile to plant the other Romance Series bush cherries when they are released in the U.S., hopefully in 2012. They seem to be insect and disease-free up in Saskatchewan, but I am wondering if that will be the case here. Northwoodswis

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theaceofspades(7 Long Island)

Are you saying Gurneys may have the other romance cherries next spring?

Insect and disease free? Most of my bush cherries rotted this cold and damp spring just like the sweets. PC goes after the bush cherries just the same. Low growing Bush cherries are easy to care for and can be netted easily. Can't wait to try the other Romance cherries. Love the sweet tart flavor.

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I guess it would make sense that the bush cherries would suffer from the same afflictions as the tree ones, but the UW Saskatchewan was bragging up how pest and disease-free their cherries were there on the prairies, so I was hoping they were something magic that would be that way here in the Midwest, too. I have no idea if Gurneys/HF/Gardens Alive will offer the other Romance cherries in 2012, but I keep hoping, just as I keep hoping my Lapins, Evans, Kristin, Meteor, and 3 Carmen Jewel bushes will eventually get some cherries after several years of waiting. I really LOVE sweet cherries, so don't know how one could improve on them. Northwoodswis

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