it is paw-paw time again.

persimmonbob(6b)August 19, 2013

Pick some a few days ago from my own patch and they taste as usual strong smell and taste.I can only eat 3 aday,oh maybe 4. I have 5 tree's bought from Raintree i believe,or maybe One Greenworld years ago. They seems to taste a like,not much different.
Today i pick some wild ones from my surrounding area and they are much larger then the ones i bought.The higher up the tree the larger they were.I must say they taste better than the fruits from the fancy tree's i bought.

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What types of trees do you have? I planted two petersen paw paw varieties (Shenandoah and
Susquehanna) last fall, but they are now only about 2 feet tall.

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meredith_e Z7b, Piedmont of NC, 1000' elevation

So cool! I've never even eaten one, but I have two trees I put in because they can take some shade. Mine are about 3 feet tall, lol. One day I'll taste a pawpaw :)

Is this when they are usually ripe? When does your season end for them?

Edit: Oh, mine are seedlings from Georgia. I thought Georgia would be good and hot like here compared to how far north they can grow.

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I've eaten a few early ones from my Prolific. What was cool about them was that the seeds hadn't yet hardened so the whole interior could be eaten (like a seedless watermelon provided the seeds aren't poisonous!). What was not so cool was the typical bitter aftertaste. So I'll wait to see what some of my other varieties taste like this year rather than corrupt my taste memory any further on Prolific.

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When I planted my two peterson paw paw trees, I did not try to shade them. The one that gets the most sun looks a bit depressed, but the other one looks normal. Did anyone shade theirs or did you just risk it like I did.

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Bradybb WA-Zone8

The two biggest ones I have are in large pots,a Wabash and a Sunflower are about three years old and between 4-5 feet tall.They were in a small greenhouse and growing well,really too much for the small space.After moving them outside during the early Summer,in an area where the sun was on them from maybe 10 til 3,and when checking on them after a few days,I found about a third of the leaves scorched on the Wabash and some of the Sunflower.
I've read that Peterson's varieties won't burn,but I'm not so sure.
I also have a Mango,NC-1 and Overleese about two years old in the ground,partially shaded and they are doing okay but not growing as fast as the ones in the containers. Brady

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When i started with asian persimmon way back 60/70's they were not very popular but it is now growing more popular.I am at the end of growing more varieties, i have too much now It is the same with apples and others.If you ask me what apple i would if i have to choose one, i would say Melrose. The same with paw-paw's, it is a strong smelling and tasting fruit, you either like it or.....I can do without most nursery bought tree's and keep the wild one, not any kind of wild one,because most are inferior.
Peterso paw-paw's are no better either.I got suckered in buiyng a couple of them.They are not strong growers no matter what i did, but they are still alive. I have topworked my nursery bought tree's with this particular wild one and hope to see some results next year
The seed's from the wild paw-paw's are spread over a large area in my backyard for the next people that will occupy my realestate.
The little tree's in pot wil be used for grafting purposes.

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franktank232(z5 WI)

My seedling has been in full sun all summer...its first leaves turned crispy/fell off...then in a few weeks new ones grew and now they are all nice and green...not much growth this summer, but hopefully next year it will take off.

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