SpiceZee Nectaplum chill hours

chippiwaAugust 26, 2007

I am hoping to plant a SpiceZee Nectaplum next year, am curious about the chill hours needed, but cannot find any information from Dave Wilson. Since I am in Southern CA this is a concern. Any advice is welcome.

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Hi, I am hoping to plant a SpiceZee NectaPlum too. I actually ordered it already. Tom was not sure about the chill hours but he guessed it to be around 300 hours. I was concerned and I live in Southern California also. I will be giving it a try as soon as they deliver the bareroots. I had the pleasure of taste testing The SpiceZee Nectaplum at two of Dave Wilson's events. They were FANTASTIC.


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Thanks Nancy - those are encouraging words. 300 hours is low chill in my book. I have yet to taste the fruit but am glad that I have ordered one too.

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