Fall (Everbearing) Raspberry Strategies

jtburtonAugust 27, 2013

For the second year in a row, my fall raspberries have disappointed me. At first, they show potential with many blooms, then only a few bloom at the same time, yielding just a handful of berries every couple of days. Over the course of the last several weeks, I went from expecting a bumper crop, to seeing most of the berries either get mushy, become stinkbug food, or refuse to grow beyond a nubbin. The first week, I had nice, large tasty berries, but then the gradual decline to worthless, moldy mush.
My spring crop produced a lot more berries, although smaller, but without the problems. I even left them uncovered and the birds were kind and only took a few.

Considering the following characteristics of my fall-bearing raspberries (Caroline and Anne):
- Low and spread out production (only a few berries a day)
- Heat damage
- Bug damage

I'm wondering if a summer bearing raspberry might be a better choice. I would prefer a shorter but more robust production period where I could actually get enough berries to freeze or use in other ways.

Would the Tulameen raspberry variety grow in the mid-west? I see different reports on cold hardness and heat tolerance. Any other red summer bearing varieties suggested? Is anybody getting significant production out of their fall raspberries?

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drew51 SE MI Z5b/6a

I'm still testing cultivars. I love raspberries. Luckily I face little pest pressure. I'm sure this may change. I like Fall Gold (3rd year). But if Caroline isn't producing, I doubt many others will either. Mine is 1st year and fairly productive for first year.
You do only get a handful of berries off each plant daily, but if you have ten plants, you should be getting a lot.
I'm trying 13 cultivars, but it's too early to judge. This time next year I can give more info.
Some I like so far
Fall Gold, Polka, Himbo Top and Caroline (fall bearing)
Encore and Prelude (mostly summer bearing)

Side note:
Fall Gold provides a very decent summer crop. As big as the fall crop. So i would suggest harvesting both crops for this cultivar.

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I have a 15ft row of both caroline and anne raspberries, which equates to roughly a plant (cane grouping) every 2 feet. After performing a closer inspection, I'm pretty sure stink bugs are the main culprit for the damaged and mushy berries. The malformed and dried up fruit may be environmental (high heat and dry weather) or lingering fungus from the earlier wet weather. The caroline and anne raspberry plants look healthy otherwise.

I wonder if I summer top the everbearing varieties, will they form more laterals and improve the summer cropping? I could then just pass on the fall crop.

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drew51 SE MI Z5b/6a

I noticed the Summer bearing types are huge plants. More like black raspberries, or blackberries (OK not that big).
As mentioned I have encore and prelude, but also cascade gold (only summer type I have seen that is yellow-plant is the largest I have seen, bigger than my black raspberries)
And Taylor which is supposed to be the best tasting of all raspberries. I also have Rosanna, not sure I think that may be everbearing?
Encore and Prelude produce a fall crop but are considered summer bearing, yes, I don't get that either?
I planted them this spring, so have they will fruit next year.
I know a couple organic sprays can be used, maybe you should use them? No stinkbugs in my area. I have to battle the Japanese beetles, but they do minimal damage.
Soon though I will have to deal with SWD, that's when i pull them all. Nothing this year, nothing last year even though they have been found in my county (Macomb). I test weekly for SWD.

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I planted Cascade Delight this spring from rootstock and hope they can survive the winter. They are summer bearing and also have grown well in my wet, clay soil. The largest raspberry plants I have are the Purple Royalty, far and away larger than the rest of the raspberry plants.

The stink bugs have been the only significant pests so far. The japanese beetles have been scarce the last two years. A few leaf hoppers and grass hoppers but not much damage that I can tell. I'm pretty much through all of the berries this year except for Prime Ark 45's fall crop. Didn't get a crop last year (first year planting) but they have a number of berries and blooms on them right now.

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