Want to plant a Haas avocado tree

serkhab(9)August 25, 2012


I recently purchased a Haas avocado tree and the tag said it needed a cross pollinator so I went out and bought a bacon avocado tree also. I just planted them about 10 feet apart, is this too far for them to cross pollinate? Also will they both bear fruit or will only one of the trees? Thanks in advance to any who reply, it will help me out a lot as I am new to gardening the proper way lol.

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hoosierquilt USDA 10A Sunset 23 Vista CA

10 feet apart is plenty close enough. They both will bear fruit (Hass is an A avocado and Bacon is a B, they will cross pollinate each other). Be sure to plant is a warm, sunny place. A south-facing slope is ideal. Allow the leaves to drop and stay under the tree, do not remove. PLENTY of water (best to set up a drip so they receive a nice deep watering 2 to 3 times a week, depending upon how hot it is in your area, no mention of where you live, Sunset zone, etc in you "My Page" line), but make sure drainage is good, as avocados do not tolerate wet roots. It make take a couple of years for your trees to start bearing.

Patty Sliney

Here is a link that might be useful: University of California ANR: Avocados

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Sounds like you're in good shape for cross pollination. Flying insects do the work and have no trouble crossing even greater distances than 10 feet. Also, they should both bear fruit.

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I live in Sacramento,California and it gets very hot here during the summer but I think the intense heat has passed. The soil where I planted the trees in was dry and hard, I am guessing that is not very good as far as drainage goes, any way to improve water drainage? Also, in between the 2 trees there is a peach tree that has fallen but the trunk is still there and is about 5 feet tall,( was much taller and produced lots of very good peaches) can that negatively affect the avocado trees in any way? Thanks for useful information.

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