Can I transplant grapes in the fall?

riley17(5)August 7, 2010

I have to transplant them because the house is being sold. I never had any luck with cuttings, so I'm hoping they will survive the move? It's not very far. My mom said that they wont make it because you are supposed to do it in the spring. Is she correct? Am I dooming them? They have to move this week. They have green grapes still...will that hurt them too? I was thinking of cutting all the grapes off first to help them and trim them back to the second or third nodes. Then I thought maybe I should soak them for 6 hours in water and then replant. Does that sound like a good plan? Help please!



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fruitnut Z7 4500ft SW TX


This really is the wrong time to move them. I'd give them a slim chance at best. The fruit is toast. Cut them back to a few leaves and move as much rootball as possible. Then provide shade after the move.

Are you sure they won't let you move them next spring? That is the right time.

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Nope, they are bulldozing the house down soon and they are right up against it. They are only like 2 feet away from the foundation. :(

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oregonwoodsmoke(5 OR Sunset 1A)

Zone 5, they should make it OK. Cut them back hard, because you will leave a lot of root when you dig them up. Be absolutely certain that the newly dug roots do not have any opportunity to dry out at all.

Go ahead and try to root the cuttings when you trim the plants back. It's not the best time of year, but you should get some to take. You only need a couple to grow.

I wish I could remember where I saw it. It must have been on the garden web. Digging a trench and laying the cuttings on their sides and burying them seems to work well for rooting grapes. Try a search for "propagating grapes"

I've had good luck rooting grapes by placing damp soil inside a plastic storage box, sticking the cuttings into the dirt and keeping the lid on, except to let it all air out for about 30 minutes a day. I had heat underneath, but you shouldn't need a heat mat in August.

If the cuttings root, you'll have new leaves long before you have roots, so be patient.

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Suzi AKA DesertDance

Like others have said, it's not the best time to move them. They should be dormant. They don't like their living roots disturbed, but grapevines are tough, and I doubt that you will kill them.

I have dug a little 1.5" trench, and laid cuttings down and watched them root and grow, but only with dormant cuttings. Here is what you should do with those canes you trim before moving.

When you cut them back, immediately put those green softwood cuttings in water. Then cut each one into 12" pieces, and remove all the leaves except for the top leaf. Cut that leaf in half. Change the water daily, and you might be able to root all of the cuttings you just cut off. You can plant these, and some should actually grow. Just a little insurance if your other plants don't make it!! I did that last year, and out of 10, 2 grew and are very big this year!

Do what everybody else said, and keep the rootballs moist. If you can, put them under shade cloth or an umbrella when you plant them, so they get established before they go dormant.

Good luck!!

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