green apples last year, red this year??

jenniebennieAugust 18, 2013

We moved into our home last summer, and that summer the apple tree gave us a ton of green apples. It didn't look like it had ever ben pruned...the branches were so heavy with apples they were touching the ground. This spring we pruned the tree we had more green apples growing, but over the last 2 weeks they have turned a reddish golden color. Can apples change from year to year, or is did we ust pick them too early last year, before they had turned red? If I remember correctly, we picked them around the same time last year.

Also, what is the best way to organically spray apple trees? Last year the apples were nice and round and good, this year they are irregular and have many worm hole looking spots or cracks. Could this also be because of the extreme amount of rain we have received over the last 2 months?

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jean001a(Portland OR 7b)

Sun exposure is required for red to develop.

Last year the leaves may have been so dense then apples remained green.

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Konrad___far_north(3..just outside of Edmonton)

I suspect you have a multigrafted tree and alternate bearing.

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You also may have picked the fruit prematurely last year. What was your signal that it was time to pick. I'm amazed at how many people arbitrarily choose when to pick ALL of the fruit on a tree and then complain about the quailty of the fruit.

It would never occur to me to do that.

Ripening times vary from year to year. This year where I live is several weeks ahead of last year.

Were the seeds brown when you picked the green apples last year? Did the apples come off easily? Were some mature apples dropping on the ground? Were the apples any good? Were they starchy?

If in doubt of what they are like ripe you may choose to leave some on until there are signs of being past ripe and then you will have seen the full development.

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Since you moved in during the summer, the tree had probably been sprayed already, so you got good apples. This year you got the wormy things that result from no spray. That is what you will always get, unless you take preventive measures. I use ziplock bags, but end up with 75% of the apples on the ground, so need to rethink my plan of attack. Northwoodswis

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Could you figure out why so many of your apples dropped after bagging.

I suffered June drop for the first time this year. Out of 71 apples, 11 dropped after bagging. For me, I may have left too many. None of the dropped ones had any damage from bugs.

For me, bagging apple is the way to go. I am harvesting my William's Pride now. Perfect apples. I have some earwigs in some bags but no damage from them. My friends could not believe I only sprayed once before the apples were big enough to bag. They gladly ate my apples.

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