Killing ants in blueberry bush

flora2b(z6a bc)August 21, 2012

I have a Allegheny mound ant colony right in the midst of my favorite blueberry bush.

In desperation I used Raid ant colony destroyer, knowing that the ants will kill this bush if I don't get rid of them. This product has a straw which is shoved into the nest and a foam is released into the nest filling all the entrances, never is on the surface of the ground.

What I'm wondering about is if anyone knows if the roots of the plant will absorb the chemical that is in this foam product?

In retrospect I should have picked the fruit first and then applied this product, then I wouldn't of had to worry about the fruit being okay.

I talked to Johnson & Johnson, who manufactures it and the lady wasn't are not to spray it on the plant and fruit, but she wasn't sure about the roots.

Anyone know??



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I don't know the answer, but last year I had an ant colony in the middle of a pomegranate bush. I posted here about it, and was told to leave it alone since ants rarely cause problems. I did just that, and they never harmed the bush AFAIK.

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Ant colonies do indeed kill various plantings at times, such as, blueberries and tomatoes for me. It is quite likely that roots would take up all kinds of things from the soil and go systemic throughout the plant, including several ingredients from your Raid can.
So far there is no known mechanism whereby living creatures such as e-coli can go systemic through root absorbtion, but there aren't many safe guards against chemicals.

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