Grape Rot Nightmare

lengold(6)August 27, 2012

I planted a seedless red grape vine 10 years ago and for many years the grapes would grow nicely and then suddenly be gone, rotted in a day, black rot, I believe. For a few years I thought it was birds but now I think its black rot. SO this year I bought Bonide Citrus, Fruit and Nut Orchard Spray. I sprayed it every other week as directed, also on a peach tree with no success.

Within two days all the grapes were gone, shrivled, vanished. What can I do. I am having so much trouble with fungus. My peach tree has never had one good peach, covered in black spots and goo, t he moth larvae. I used also a strong insecticide on the peace tree, thiazicide or something like that.

BUt I thought this year the grapes would b e fine. Is it impossible to grow grapes like this in NE and I should get a disease resistant vine. Or is there a very strong fungicide to prevent black or brown rot.

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alan haigh

A very early spray of Immunox (myclobutanil) will likely do the trick- it does for me. I apply it about 2 to 3 weeks after apple trees in area have dropped their flower petals- usually late May- early June. It's never failed me at the several sites I use it, even for susceptible seedless varieties.

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Scott F Smith(6B/7A MD)

Agreed - that Bonide spray has nothing in it that will help with black rot.


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Is it easy to get Immunox, is there a brand at big box or another brand from Garden Centers. SHould I spray it every other week, and will it work on peaches and grapes, and how about for tomato blight

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alan haigh

You only need to spray once in my experience to control bunch rot or whatever rot we tend to get here on grapes in the northeast (not an important crop to me although managing them is a small part of my job).

I don't think it will work for tomatoes- chlorathalinal is the stuff for them although it is considered a more dangerous compound.

Montery Fungus Fighter is better than myclobutanil for brown rot on peaches- I forget the actual name of the compound that's in it- same stuff as Orbit. Chlorathalinal is good for peach scab.

For peaches I'd recommend a chlor spray about 6 weeks before expected harvest and then MFF 2 weeks later if the label lets you use chlor that close to harvest.

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olpea(zone 6 KS)

Propiconazole aka Orbit aka Montery fungii fighter is good for brown rot on peaches and a spray before harvest should do the trick.

Unfortunately, chlorothalonil is not labeled for use on peaches after shuck-split.

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