Should I Buy This Unknown Asian Pear Tree?

achang89(Z6)August 18, 2014

My local nursery has an Asian pear at about $21. It is a left-over from last year and the tag is missing. It only says "Asian Pear". There are fruits on the tree.

I already have the Shin Li and plan to buy 3 more Asian pears. Should I grab this one? It is hard to tell exactly what pear this tree is without the ripe fruit.

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bhawkins(8A Dallas)

I wouldn't. Spend a couple bucks more early next year and get a known variety that is known to do well in your area, on a known rootstock.

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This nursery only sells trees good in our area. And it is a Hollybrook grown. The only problem is that I do not know the variety.

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I would not buy an unknown variety. Would not take it for free either. If I were planning 4 trees I would research and find the 4 best and not take anything other then those 4.

By research I mean read on the web and also try to find U pick and home growers near me that would share samples This is not hypothetical, it is what I do. In the end work is the same, so I want the best possible fruit.

I got this way after buying a not great peach tree from a local nursury. I didn't know any better until I got peaches from another dude. It was like I was growing dollars and he was growing hundreds..

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I do that all the time. If it turns out to be a variety that is not very good you can always graft a different variety on it. I also have plenty of room so I am not limited on the amount of trees I can plant so that makes a difference as well.

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Aw life is a gamble, I would buy it, take a chance. Some of my best trees came as no names. I once bought a lime tree like that, it was one of my best trees

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hairmetal4ever(Z7 MD)

For me, it would depend how much room I had. If I had acreage to spare, I might roll the dice.

I wouldn't ever trust (most) retail nurseries and garden centers to only sell what is right for an area, by the way.

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I just went ahead and bought the tree. I tried a small fruit on the tree and it is very sweet. The price is 50% off $35. I'll post some pictures when I get chance.

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