Blueberry help

harrisonj27(4a)August 10, 2014

My blueberry bush is turning brown and dying. I have tried adding Sulfur, peat moss, and coffee grounds. It survived the winter just fine but now it looks very sick. What is wrong?

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fruitnut Z7 4500ft SW TX

Not much hope of helping you based on that information. Could you post a picture? More information? Potted or inground, pH, watering schedule, etc???

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It helps to know what state you are located in, and also, when the blueberry shrub was planted. Do you have soil that is high in clay content? If the shrub was planted this past spring, and, if the native soil is high in clay, then it could be that the roots have not developed fast enough to support the metabolism that is happening in the leaves, during high summer. One way to support the plant is to provide partial shade from the summer sun. My experience with blueberry shrubs has been that it can take 6 months for a transplant shrub to develop a good root system, in the new location.

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