blackberries--tiny thready white worms

habitat_gardener(z9 CA/Sunset15)August 7, 2010

Someone else told me her blackberries had little worms in them, so I looked in mine, and I found 1 or 2 tiny, thready white worms squirming in the core of some (not all) berries. I looked only in ripe berries. They don't look like any of the economic pests listed for berries, but they're so tiny it's hard to tell what they are. I think I may have seen similar tiny wormy creatures in damaged strawberries. Does anyone know what they are? And what (if anything) to do about them in an organic garden?

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Very likely fruit fly larvae. I have some in my blackberries every year, and there are certainly fruit flies around the berry patch.

The yellow sticky cards might catch a few adult flies; keep fallen fruit picked up. Promptly refrigerating/freezing berries can prevent more larvae from hatching, otherwise pick/rinse larvae off of harvested fruit. Chilling seems to bring them to the berry surface.

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I have the same little white worms in the center of some of my California blackberries. I noticed them last year and they are back this year. I have not noticed any fruit flies around the plants. Is there some way to get rid of them and is the fruit edible?

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