Insect Damage to Dwarf Cherry Trees (Zone 6b)

inv3nt0rAugust 3, 2014

I planted some dwarf cherry trees this spring near Windsor, Ontario / Detroit, MI. Of the three I planted, two are doing very well however the third has been attacked by some sort of unidentified insect from what I can tell.

I sprayed the plant with soapy water a few times and the damage seems to have been halted.

Can anyone identify the damage and suggest a pesticide or other mitigation measure I should take? I am a novice with fruit trees so I don't know where to start.

Thanks, and happy gardening!

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Could be sawfly larvae, if so you should find the tiny slug looking things on the leaves. Most any spray should be effective but only if it contacts the insects!

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I will take a look for the sawfly larvae as suggested and get my hands on something specific for them if I can positively identify them.

I've attached another picture of the damage for reference.


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Japanese beetles like cherry trees. They leave a skeletal pattern on the leaf but some of yours look fully consumed so you might have both Japanese beetles and caterpillars or a larger beetle.

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Thanks for the further advice. The Japanese beetles have been wreaking havoc in our area this year, so I wouldn't doubt that they got at the tree.

This particular tree was a little bit yellow following transplant while the others stayed a nice dark green. It looks like the insects are much more damaging to a plant in a weakened state.

From what I've read soapy water isn't effective against the beetles but apparently cedar oil can be used as a natural deterrent. I will try it out and hopefully the plant will come back strong next spring.

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