Does this Cherimoya Tree appear healthy? If yes, do I prune now?

G_ThumbSeptember 17, 2013

I recently purchased this Cherimoya tree and noticed that one side of the tree's leaves are missing.
I'm not sure if I should trim the top of the plant and pluck some of the leaves. Is the tree considered too tall at 5 ft with no branches yet?
Please let me know what you think of this tree. What is the next step that I should consider?

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a few more pics of the tree. sorry for the rotation of the pictures. I can't seem to get the right pics uploaded.

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pic 3. Plant is about 5 ft tall, no branches.

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Depends on where you live and where you want branching to start. Cherimoyas go briefly dormant around April in most temperate climate zones (northern hemisphere, of course!), dropping their leaves and then pushing new ones. So if you will still have some warm weather you might get some new growth by topping the whip now. On the other hand, that new growth will be tender and more subject to frost damage, if you get any frost.

I'd be inclined to plant and stake the tree as-is. When the leaves fall around April I'd top it at about 24"-36" and let branches begin to form from there.

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