stinkbugs/ Asian pears

creekweb(6,7)September 2, 2013

I've seen a definite decline in stinkbug numbers and damage this year after two years of increases, and although I have seen them on a number of different species this year, I really have only had damage on my Asian pears.

Last year they caused complete loss of the crop, so I tried double bagging the fruit this year with the thicker freezer bags as well as periodic spraying with triazicide.Still seeing about 70% damaged with lesser degree of damage on the bagged fruit. My plan for next year is to bag the bags and go with frequent regular spraying instead. It's sad to see this spray-free fruit of just a few years ago become so high maintenance.

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Another observation of note is that the damage to the variety Hosui is complete, and the variety Kosui extensive. These pears are very sweet without any complex flavor. The variety Chojuro is nearly as sweet but flavorful and shows little damage. Korean Giant also shows little damage and is still far from ripe. Shinseiki showed moderate damage.

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Creekweb do you just grow Asian pears? If you have any European pears is the stinkbug problem the same? This sounds horrible. Sorry, Mrs. G

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Last year there was significant stinkbug damage to raspberries, figs and peaches along with Asian pears. This year I've seen an occasional stinkbug on these species, but no damage from this source on the fruit other than Asian pears. I'm hoping this is a trend rather than just an off year for stinkbugs for some climatic reason. European pears were not targets in my orchard as far as I can tell. Just thought I'd report in case anyone was having similar problems. If I were to plant more under the same stinkbug pressure I would choose Chojuro or Korean Giant.

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