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scuzzynuttySeptember 9, 2010

Hi, I have a guava tree growing, the trunk and branches are quite thin, but has quite a few leaves, but only a few branches (maybe 3 or 4) shooting upward, and over 10 feet. It's not a very mature tree I don't think. There were 3 fruits growing, 2 at about a height of 4 feet, and then one of them was about 9 feet high. Well it seems the fruit that was growing at the 9 foot height is shriveled and gone now, but the other 2 seems to be growing strong, they're about the size of BIG grape.

Should I prune those tall branches, and is the reason the high fruit died away because it's not getting enough nutrients since it's so far from the ground?

Those tall branches are weird, there's leaves at the base of the branch and then it's bare in the middle (those leaves fell off) and then leaves near the top.

When is the season to prune and when do guava trees normally fruit. I live in Southern California and have no idea what kind of guava tree it is. Any help with my limited information would be appreicated :)

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I can't help but wonder how much sun your Guava is getting? Although they tend to grow in a rather open fashion, yours sounds like it is reaching for the sun. I am assuming that your growing Feijoa which is commonly called "Pineapple Guava" and is grown much more than the true Guava. You can prune it back in the winter but the real solution is to try and give it more sun if you have another tree shading it. It is self fertile and should bear fruit, although it would usually bear more if another Guava was nearby. Al

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