Need help with Cherry seeds

Roslyn.SSeptember 6, 2013

Well I wanna know that should I simply put the seeds or is there any other method? Because I planted some seeds one month back and they haven't sprouted yet, and when I got seeds out and opened them up they rotted inside the hard covering....

What's going wrong? Because I preserved lots of cherry seeds, so did they all also rotted in?

Please help.

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First thing first. Its a GENERAL rule that most fruit trees do not grow true from seed. That means the tree that grows from the seed of the fruit you ate, wont be the same as that tree.

That being said. Sweet cherries have a decent chance to produce something desierable, or at very least a root stock. I do believe there is a chance youll get something similar to the parent. Stone fruits (peaches, plums etc) usually come close to the parent, but it is still a gamble.

Now, sweet cherries tend to need warm stratification as well as cold stratification. That means they need to sit in warm temps and cool off in winter, and go though the cold to germinate.

There are 2 ways, which start off the same - Eat those cherries! Make sure that the pits are as clean as you can possily get them and soak them in water for a few days, changig the water daily. Makeing sure they are clean as possible. You can also disinfect them using a 1:10 000 ratio of bleach and water (that eans one teaspoon of bleach to 10 teaspoons of water) GIve em a soak in there for a minute, rinse in cold water.

This is where things differ.

You can toss em in a bag of clean seed mix, and make sure they arent completely buried. Keep them out of sun. You can do this in induvidual pots, or in a baggie.

From here you can either 1) Leave them outside in shade until it gets cold, then put them in the fridge for 90 days, or 2) Keep them covered and leave them outside. From what ive heard this is the easiest way because it makes sure they get the fluctuating temps in spring, which breaks down germination inhibitors.

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